New "Baby Café" Serves up Health for Moms

New "Baby Café" Serves up Health for Moms

New moms now have a new place to go in Abilene that is all about them. The "Baby Café" just opened up inside of Hendrick Medical Center.
There's a new café in Abilene--but you won't find any fancy lattes or other specialty drinks.

"The Baby Café at Hendrick is a place where the whole breastfeeding community can come and meet each other. They can get support from other moms, and there's always a lactation consultant on staff to answer their questions", says Tabitha Alldredge, lactation consultant at Hendrick Medical Center.

Nestled inside the hospital, the Baby Café is aimed at building a community of mom's all with the same goal.

"It gives them an outlet and a place to meet other breastfeeding moms, and compare stories. They encourage each other if things aren't going as they hoped it would go", explains Alldredge.

It's recommended that mothers breastfeed for at least the first six months of baby's life. Now hospitals, like Hendrick Medical Center, are backing breastfeeding over formula supplements.

"Babies who are breastfed are less sick, and when they are sick, it's less severe, and they have less allergies and asthma", Alldredge tells us.

Moms of all ages are invited to the new café, to get a tall serving of freshly brewed knowledge.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are drop in days at the Baby Café.
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