Number of Employed Rises Slightly in Abilene

Number of Employed Rises Slightly in Abilene

June unemployment rate up, but more people actually working.
In a good example of how the unemployment rate isn't necessarily the best indicator of the job market, the Texas Workforce Commission reports that Abilene's unemployment rate rose during the month of June, but so did the number of employed workers.

78,200 people were employed in June, while 5,300 were out of work. That results in an unemployment rate of 6.3%.

May's unemployment rate was lower, at 5.7%, but there were also fewer people both working and out of work. 77,900 people were employed in May, compared to 4,700 out of work.

The report shows that the same number of people had jobs in June, 2011, as last month.

The complete Texas employment report for June can be found here.
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