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Ortiz Elementary Hosts Jump Rope For Heart Fundraiser

Ortiz Elementary School in Abilene hosted Jump Rope For Heart, a national fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Volunteers from Dyess Air Force Base were there to support the kids as they spent hours jumping rope and raising money.
All they had to do was jump, and jump, and jump.

"Jump rope for heart!" Screamed an anxious group of kids.

With that type of energy, it wasn't hard for the hundreds of students at Ortiz Elementary who participated in this year's Jump Rope for Heart.

"We've been going all day long, each grade spends an hour in the gym," Explains Ortiz Physical Education teacher Marty Cobarruvias.

Jump Rope for Heart is a fundraiser schools around the country participate in, to raise money for the American Heart Association.
Today, volunteers from Dyess Air Force Base were on hand as teams of students took turns.

"We're out here to watch them, make sure they stay in line and have a good time," Said Dyess Volunteer Brian Huls.

This is just one of several years Ortiz has hosted Jump Rope For Heart. Students say they enjoy the exercise and the break from class.

"It's really fun," Says Fourth Grader Cheyenne Green.

"It just helps them get the exercise they need, they need to move as much as they can," Said Cobarruvias

Besides getting a hour of good exercise, each student collected what they could in donations for the American Heart Association.
Whether they understand where it's going or not, one thing is for sure, they feel good about giving back.

"It's fun because you get to raise money for kids," Said Green.
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