Over 200 Dyess Civillian Employees Sent Home Due to Furloughs

Over 200 Dyess Civillian Employees Sent Home Due to Furloughs

Dyess has sent out a statement outlining the effects of the recent government shutdown on the base, including furloughs affecting more than 200 civilian employees.

Dyess Air Force Base has released a statement detailing the impact of the recent government shutdown on the base’s civilian employees. The statement reads as follows:

Except for the minimum number necessary to accomplish activities that have been deemed essential to national security and safety, all Dyess DoD civilian personnel paid by appropriated funds were furloughed Tuesday morning.

219 base employees received notice of shutdown furlough and were sent home. 

Shutdown furloughs differ from the furloughs Department of Defense civilian employees experienced as a result of sequestration because they are emergency, no-notice, no-pay furloughs.  Furloughed employees will return to work once funding has been restored. 

A total of 111 appropriated-fund civilian employees who perform emergency medical services, are considered essential to preserving the safety and security of Dyess AFB personnel and property, or provide child care services have been exempted from furlough.

Non-appropriated fund workers whose pay is not congressionally funded will continue to work on base.

Contractors performing under a contract that was obligated upon entering the contract, prior to the expiration of appropriations, will continue to provide contract services. 

New contracts and renewals, however, will not be executed unless the contract work is in support of an activity that is essential to national security and safety. 

Active duty personnel will continue to work their normal work shifts during the government shutdown.

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