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Perez Court-Martial Day 3: Thomas Klapheke Testifies And The Defense Rests

The prosecution has rested in the court marshal of senior airman Christopher Perez. But, not before calling Thomas Klapheke, Tiffany's husband, to the stand to testify.
A soft spoken Thomas Klapheke left court today after testifying that he was the one in the family who took the kids to doctors appointments and that it was Tiffany who made excuses as to why she could not go, like she was not feeling well.
But, he also testified that he had to be encouraged to keep doctors appointments after several were missed and an agency, Family Advocacy on base, similar to Child Protective Services, in the civilian world, were called and several medical neglect cases were opened on the Klapheke family. He also talked about finding out that his daughter was dead while he was deployed, and he did it while the accused Christopher Perez sat just feet away from him flanked by his defense team. Also in court today, several Abilene police detectives, doctors, and security force members testified. So did the medical examiner that performed the autopsy on 22 month old Tamryn Klapheke the day after he mother was found holding her crying on the kitchen floor of their home. All testified to the smell in the home, or on the kids, and all said this is the worst that they had seen, whether it was law enforcement talking about other houses they responded to, or medical professionals comparing the Klapheke neglect to other cases they had seen. 

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