Petition Seeks to End Deadly Accidents at Ranger Hill

Petition Seeks to End Deadly Accidents at Ranger Hill

A new petition is asking for changes to Ranger Hill: Fatal accidents in the last year on a dangerous stretch of interstate twenty has led a group of loves ones to start a petition urging drivers to slow down on Ranger Hill.
I lost the love of my life.

Mason Harris, boyfriend of Virginia Hutto

UPDATE 10/24/13

In the last year, there have been dozens of accidents and six deaths on Interstate 20 at Ranger Hill.
The most recent accident was last Monday. 23-year-old Virginia Hutto died in the nine-vehicle pile-up.
Her death and concern about future accidents have led loved ones of Hutto to start an online petition.

It calls for the speed limit on Ranger Hill to be lowered to 55 miles per hour, instead of the current 75 miles per hour.
In its first two hours--- the petition generated hundreds of signatures. Now, it has more than 1400 signatures.
In a statement to KTAB news, TxDOT explained its plans for Ranger Hill. Creators of the petition hope those changes come sooner than later.

For more information about the petition or to sign, you can visit:

There will be two sign-up events held this Saturday starting at 8 p.m. at two separate locations. One will be held in Eastland at Higginbotham and another in Cisco at Cowpokes Convenience Store.


A new petition is asking for changes to Ranger Hill.

The petition was added to on Tuesday, October 22, and as of Wednesday afternoon, October 23, had reached 750 signatures.

In light of multiple accidents at Ranger Hill, the most recent on October 14, killing young Cisco resident, Virginia Ann Hutto, the petition is asking that changes be made to the construction and speed limit.

The petition is asking for changes to both grade and curvature, as well as lowering the speed limit to 55

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