Proposition Against Rattlesnake Gassing Dropped

Proposition Against Rattlesnake Gassing Dropped

More than 200 people showed up last week to voice opposition to a ruling that would prevent the gassing of rattlesnakes. Tuesday night, that big turn out in Sweetwater helped pull the rule change from the Texas Parks and Wildlife agenda for Thursday.
The state proposal to ban gassing as a way to capture rattlesnakes has been dropped.

This is big news for Sweetwater, where dozens of people spoke out last week in opposition to the proposal.

If it had passed, Sweetwater's biggest economic event of the year -The Rattlesnake Roundup - could have been in jeopardy.

According to State Representative Susan King's office, the Texas Parks and Wildlife department sent out an email stating it has pulled the snake gassing item for consideration at this week's meetings.

King added that it's her understanding that Texas Parks and Wildlife will make an announcement tomorrow about an intention to hear a revised proposal when the commission meets in March.

In an email directed to King and her staff, Parks and Wildlife said it only seems fair to give all interested parties more time to consider and contemplate those changes.
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