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Record Number of Female Inmates at Taylor County Jail

For the past year, there have been an above average amount of female inmates at the Taylor County Jail.
The number of female inmates in the Taylor County Jail has been much higher than usual in recent months. For the past year, the jail has had on average about 100 female inmates. This number is higher than in the past. At one point, the jail had around 130 female inmates. The jail only has beds for 118 females.

Sheriff Ricky Bishop and Lt. Tim Trawick both agree that it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly why this increase is occuring. One thing that does certainly play a part is the fact that there are more Class C warrents being issued by local municipal courts.

They have seen numerous drug crimes, domestic violence crimes, thefts, and forgery, however, it is not clear as to why there has been such a rise in these crimes. Some female inmates are in jail for forging checks, but there have also been several charges involving the falsiflying of government documents, including S.N.A.P. and Medicare forms.

Surrounding counties often call to see if the Taylor County Jail has room to house some of their inmates, showing that the rise is not just local. Sheriff Bishop says that this increase in female inmates has been seen across the state.
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