Scrap Metal Industry Could See a Change in Abilene

Scrap Metal Industry Could See a Change in Abilene

The City of Abilene is tightening up the regulations surrounding the sale of scrap metal. We spoke with the owner of a scrap metal yard here in Abilene, and he isn't too excited about the possibility of a new ordinance.
Since the 1950's the sounds of metal have meant profit for Pine Street Salvage Company.

And though laws regarding scrap metal sales have evolved during the life of this family-owned business, a new probable City of Abilene ordinance has Greg Dankworth thinking  the new regulations may being going too far.

"Well, if they like to see more regulations, then I guess they'd be all for it. But we already have so much now, I don't know why we need more", says Dankworth.

The proposed ordinance would require thorough documentation of all all scrap metal transactions, and metal scrap yards would have to retain the metal for 72 hours before processing it, which Dankworth says, is a serious issue of space.

"On a good day you could have up to one hundred customers a day, and they could have five to twenty items a piece. And if you tried to keep all that sorted, you just wouldn't have room to do that", Dankworth tells us.

While owners of Pine Street Salvage are worried the ordinance may hinder new business...meanwhile, Greg Blair of American Electric Power Texas, welcomes the change, as his company has lost a significant amount of money from copper theft.

"There are really numerous incidents. There are cases of folks getting into our yard and stealing spools of copper", Blair explains.

Blair believes the new ordinance may in fact, make the city a safer place. "We would support any ordinance that  would help deter copper theft", says Blair.

Pine Street Salvage told us that it's already part of their procedure to write down the license plate number as well as make a copy of the drivers license of anyone who comes in to sell metal.

They say their biggest issue with this ordinance would be holding the metal for an extended period of time.
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