Senior Spotlight: Cross Plains Recreates Well-Known Soda Fountain

Senior Spotlight: Cross Plains Recreates Well-Known Soda Fountain

The soda fountain has been brought back to life.
Just mention Mozelle's to anyone who grew up in Cross Plains and they'll immediately take a drive down memory lane.

"The students came by we had a cherry coke or a cherry lime," said Bonnie Reed Fortune White, who often visited the shop as a teen.

They'll soon arrive to 1960's downtown Cross Plains.

Just go straight up the road make a right and you'll see Bryan's Variety Store, home to Mozelle's Soda Fountain.

Mozelle Richards can tell you who you'd find at her shop.

"Everybody in town," she said, "You know a lot of people would come by just for the milkshakes."
She'll be 93 this month and Mozelle's has long closed down.

That is, until just a month ago- when the soda fountain was brought back to life.

"I didn't know they were going to do it," said Richards, "so when I found out, it really did touch me."

It's now at a few blocks up the street at the Cross Plains Senior Center just as it was 50 years ago.

You'll find the same stools, cups and containers for all the popular ice cream fixings, especially for Richard's favorite milkshake.

"Oh chocolate," she said with a smirk.

It's not only a special place to the older residents in Cross Plains, it's a valuable piece of history.

"We're passing the history on to the next generation," said White, "They're going to know so much, what they missed and how great it was too."

You're probably not going to find Richards making any milkshakes behind the counter, but you'll still get that old familiar charm, that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. 
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