Smart Woman: A New Blood Test To Detect Colon Cancer

Smart Woman: A New Blood Test To Detect Colon Cancer

Researchers say a new blood test could detect colon cancer and prevent thousands of deaths each year.
Barry Murphy is fighting colorectal cancer - and regrets waiting to see a doctor for a screening. By the time they did discover it, it had actually spread from his bowel to his lymphnodes and there were some lesions on his liver as well.

Studies show up to fifty percent of people avoid traditional colorectal cancer exams because of they are so intrusive. Now - researchers in Europe say they've come up with a simple blood test for colorectal cancer that can detect 85-percent of cases.

Biotech company VolitionRx says the test can also detect 50-percent of growths that can turn into cancer. Test developer Dr. Jake Micallef says so far they've only studied about 200 people, but research is ongoing. He says the earlier you diagnose cancer, the better for the patient.

US Guidelines recommend adults 50 and older get a colonoscopy every ten years, or a specialized fecal test every year. Over 90 percent of colon cancer cases are treatable if caught early.

The company that makes the blood test hopes it will be available in Europe in the next two years.
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