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Smart Woman: Are Probiotics Important for Daily Health?

Probiotics help support your digestive system & overall health.

        Many of us have heard the term probiotics, but may not really know what it means. It’s a type of good bacteria that can be found in supplements, yogurts, and other food products. Probiotics are one way to promote a good balance of bacteria in the intestines. However, healthy bacteria already lives in our gut to help with digestion and ward off harmful bacteria. People don’t necessarily need to take daily doses probiotics. Probiotics are most helpful when patients have an infection, are taking antibiotics, or need help replenish good bacteria. Some studies suggest probiotics can strengthen your immune system.

        If you need probiotics, look for products that contain live and active cultures. Probiotics shouldn’t be used for everyone. People who need to be careful consuming probiotics are people who have a compromised immune system, such a people with HIV or those receiving chemotherapy for cancer. Otherwise, experts consider probiotics to be safe with few side effects.
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