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Smart Woman: Breast Milk Nutrition Study

Doctor's are conducting a study to see if they can improve the nutrition of a mother's breast milk for her new born baby.
Getting proper nutrition is critical for premature babies to grow well. That's why doctors at Maxine Dunitz Children's Health Center want to make sure preemies are getting what they need. So, they launched a study to analyze breast milk.

Breast milk is supposed to average about 20-calories per ounce. But after testing more than 200 samples, doctors here are finding breast milk can vary from as low as 14 calories up to 24.

In the study's next phase, doctors will add nutritional supplements to some preemies' breast milk, to see if it leads to quicker weight gain and shorter hospital stays.

Doctors say improving a premature baby's growth rate is critical, because those infants struggling with weight gain are often delayed in their neurological development.
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