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Smart Woman: Coping With Prescription Drug Abuse

The American College of Physicians has issued new guideline to better educate both physicians and patients on the dangers of prescription drug addiction.
Doctor Stephen Loyd was in the last year of his residency when he started taking prescription painkillers that were leftover from a dental procedure. The anxiety started to build up and really became the only way he could deal with the pressures of his life.

His story is part of an epidemic of prescription drug abuse in the US. The ACP issued a list of new policies regarding prescription drugs. It suggests doctors first consider non-addictive pain killers.

When addictive narcotics must be prescribed, doctors should carefully think about the dosage. The ACP also recommends doctors screen patients for risk of addiction and that patients agree, in writing, they will do as the doctor says.

Dr. Loyd received treatment and resumed his medical career. He has been drug-free now for 10 years. And he works with others now to help them overcome their addictions.
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