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Smart Woman: CrossFit Workout

A new workout trend that was once only known for exercise zealots is becoming more popular for those who have a strong will to do it. CrossFit isn't for the weak of heart, but participants say the hard work is worth it.
    Forget fancy machines and dance classes. A new workout trend was once only known for exercise zealots and not for the weak at heart. It's popular for police officers and military personel, but it's starting to make it way to anyone who has enough will to do it. Just completing a CrossFit workout is impressive as it's part body building and a lot of sweat. It gets the body pumping at a high rate as it changes modalities of exercise, mixing it up as many different movement as possible throughout.
    The workout is extreme enough to lead to injuries, yet most participants say it's worth it. CrossFit gyms are starting to go up across America, even here in Abilene, as the workout becomes more popular. Before you begin this type of workout, it's advised to check with a physician.
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