Smart Woman: Dangerous Snacks

Smart Woman: Dangerous Snacks

Although tasty, spicy snacks may result in a trip to the emergency room.
Advertised as "dangerously cheesy", spicy snacks, like "Flamin' Cheetos", are sending kids to the emergency room.

Twelve year old Teray Kaiser prefers snacks with a little kick. He eats at least one bag of spicy chips every day. But doctors say overindulging in these popular snacks can add-up to stomach problems.

On any given day, Dell Childrens Hospital treats numerous cases of kids with gastritis due to eating spicy snacks. Gastritis is an inflammation, erosion or irritation of stomach lining. Symptoms include bloating, burning, vomiting and sometimes it can lead to ulcers.

The red coloring also raises red flags. Doctors say give your stomach a break by breaking away from your dangerously spicy habit. Doctors say an antacid is the best way to treat it at home, but you want to double check just in case that its not something like appendicitis.

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