Smart Woman: Deep Freeze Spa

Smart Woman: Deep Freeze Spa

Does blasting your body with sub-zero temperatures improve your health? We find out in today's smart woman report.
One step inside and you're blasted with sub-zero temperatures. It's no blizzard --it's a cryogenic chamber.

Customers enter the chamber wearing only socks and gloves. Liquid nitrogen pumps into the chamber, dropping to minus 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit. Rose Cabezut has been battling muscle pain. After only two months of deep chilling she's practically renewed.

A dip lasts about 3 minutes, and supporters claim it helps with dozens of medical benefits --  including arthritis, joint pain, sleep disorders and even depression.

 Healing mechanisms also believed to help athletic performance. Former longhorn Trey Hardee is a silver medalists decathlete. An arctic plunge is now a regular part of training. And because these chambers are keeping pain down.

Cryo studios are popping up across the country. That has doctors concerned. The fad is so new and cryo studios are not regulated. And then there's always the risk of frost bite. But believers say a few minutes of shivering is worth the benefits.

 They claim you can burn 600-800 calories within a few hours after each session. The price is about $50-75 dollars a turn. And we're told if you're cleared to exercise you're cleared to freeze yourself. But, it is a good idea to talk with your doctor before trying out this new spa.

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