Smart Woman: FDA Soap and Body Wash Crackdown

Smart Woman: FDA Soap and Body Wash Crackdown

Popular soap products claim that they can protect users from germs and sickness, but the FDA isn't so sure the claim is true.
They are some of the most popular products on store shelves, but the FDA is concerned that makers of liquid hand soap or body wash are promising results they just can't deliver.

The proposed rule would not apply to alcohol based hand sanitizers, but it will affect those hand soaps and body wash products that have to be used with water.

The FDA is especially concerned about ingredients like triclosan - which is commonly found in liquid soaps and triclocarban - which is an ingredient in bar soaps.

Some data suggests long-term exposure could lead to bacterial resistance or hormonal changes. 

Now, the companies making the products will be required to provide the FDA with additional data on their products' safety and effectiveness. That includes the results of clinical studies.
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