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Smart Woman: Lyme Disease

New numbers on Lyme disease show about 300-thousand Americans are diagnosed with the tick-borne illness each year. The new CDC estimate suggests that the number of people with Lyme is about 10 times higher than the reported cases every year.

        Lyme disease is the most common tick borne disease in the United States. A new report is showing the disease is much more common than previously reported. The Center for Disease Control estimates around 300,00 people each year are diagnosed with the tick borne disease. Usually only 20 to 30 thousand cases are reported each year. Majority of cases are in 13 states, in the northeast and upper midwest.

        Doctors say lyme disease is often misdiagnosed. Some patients find themselves going from one specialists to another, only to find out they have had Lyme disease for years. Early symptoms include a rash or flu like symptoms, fever, headache, and fatigue. If the disease goes untreated it can lead to joint pain, neurological problems, and even heart issues.

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