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Smart Woman: New Cancer Treatment

A new treatment is providing hope to many cancer patients who have run out of options, giving them a real chance at living a cancer-free life.
A year ago John Wilkins wasn't sure if he would get to teach his son to drive a real car. Nick, who's 15, has had leukemia since he was four years old. He tried chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant from his sister. Both failed.

Nick's last hope was an experimental treatment, a clinical trial, at the University of Pennsylvania. In the treatment, Nick's doctors tweaked his immune system to make his own body rid itself of cancer.

It's a groundbreaking approach that's captured the attention of cancer doctors, but there were no promises that this clinical trial would work. Nick received the personalized cell therapy in May.

T-cells were modified to attack and kill cancer cells. So far, doctors tried this in 59 patients and 25 are now cancer free.
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