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Smart Woman: Smart Bra

The holiday season can bring on stress, which can cause emotional binge eating. Researchers have developed a "Smart Bra" that can monitor your emotions so that you can gauge when you are truly hungry, or if your hormones are flaring up.
It's that holiday season, when parties abound, the stress mounts, and we munch. So, what if what you wear could track your moods and warn you about that emotional over-eating?

Researchers at Microsoft say the answer, at least for women, is inside a new high-tech bra that can tell when you're feeling stressed and more likely to binge.

Researchers say it's really quite simple. The bra monitors your heart rate, detects emerging stress, and can then send an alert to your smart phone, letting you know you're probably not actually hungry.

Now, though, it's all just on the drawing boards. The stress-busting bras used up so much battery life in the trials, they only lasted four hours.
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