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State Track Plays With Cisco/Bangs Schedule

The Cisco Loboes and Bangs Dragons start their playoff series in Leander on Friday, and they finish things up in Abilene at McMurry on Saturday.
The Cisco Loboes continue their playoff run this week against the Bangs Dragons.

The series schedule is a little odd in this one.

The 2 teams start in Leander on Friday, and they finish things up in Abilene at McMurry on Saturday.

Why go all the way down to the Austin area for game 1? The answer, Cisco's Vernon Owings is throwing the discus at the State Track Meet.

It's a bit unusual, but Cisco coach Mark Adams is glad to accommodate all of his athletes.

"Eight of these varsity baseball kids I've got went to the regional track meet, so they're pretty used to going both ways and hustling around. Playing down there close to Austin is something where we can keep playing a three game series," said coach Adams.

"It really tesets us. We have to stay focused throughout it all. But we've had experience with it, and we've overcome it.I think it won't play that big of a factor for us," said Colten Gayle.

"Our coaches have taught us, once you've gone through one sport, you have to try your best there. Once you come to another one, you have to learn those techniques really fast , and just keep up the hard woord. Push yourself to succeed at each sport," said Mason Reed.

Game 1 starts at 11 in the morning on Friday at Leander Rouse High School. The scene shifts to McMurry on Saturday night at 6. Game 3 will follow 30 minutes after game 2, if it is needed.
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