Surveillance Video Shows Robbery Of Stamford Business

Surveillance Video Shows Robbery Of Stamford Business

Owners and employees of Stamford Beverage Barn hopes to find the two culprits behind a robbery two weeks ago. Over $2,000 were stolen from their office.
A Stamford business is hoping people may have clues to a robbery that's happened to their location a couple of weeks ago.

Owners of the Stamford Beverage Barn was robbed of over $2,000 by two suspects Friday, July 26.

A surveillance video from the business shows the suspects enter the office and approach a female employee who was working by herself. The incident happened around 11 p.m.

The employee (who was working less than two weeks and quit the day after) was forced to open the safe and front register. It was in the back room where she said she was held at gun point. The surveillance video also shows the robbers telling the employee to sit on the floor, while they take every bill except for a handful of coins.

The robbery left a dent in their business, according to the owners. They were forced to refuse a few inventory orders of drinks because of the loss of money.

Stamford Police have yet to identify if both culprits were in fact female. They are waiting for the fingerprint results from a spray can left at the scene.

If anyone has information to call the Stamford police at (325) 773-3647.

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