Swimming the Distance

Swimming the Distance

A 65-year-old woman becomes the first to swim from Cuba to the United States.
The day after finishing her phenomenal non-stop swimming feat, Diana Nyad crisscrossed the media world Tuesday to talk about what she'll dive into next.

Looking remarkably none-the-worse after 53 hours of non-stop swimming, Nyad said she's up for another marathon to celebrate.

"We're starting at 7 o'clock and we're gonna try to match the 53 hours," said the 64 year old.

There will be a parade for her in Key West where she remains after ending her endurance swim Monday across the Florida Straits.

She completed the 110 mile swim from Cuba to Key West after failing to do so four other times dating back to 1978.
"I stand here today so proud of my team and proud of myself," Nyad said.

Using a protective silicone mask to protect her from the dangerous jellyfish that helped foil previous attempts, she started Saturday morning in Havana, but had doubts about succeeding by Saturday night.

"That night was hell on earth it really was, those 13 hours."
Swallowing salt water had made her very sick.

But she persevered for another night for the crowd awaiting her arrival.

"We had a connection. They were looking in my eyes, they were crying. And i felt it," she said.

Nyad's next challenge is a charity swim.

Forty-eight hours in the friendlier waters of a pool in New York City to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

"After the jelly fish and the ocean that'll be a piece of cake," said Nyad.
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