TDCJ Mistake in Sentencing Information of Teen Who Killed Sister

TDCJ Mistake in Sentencing Information of Teen Who Killed Sister

The TDCJ made a mistake in the online offender information, making it appear as if Paris Bennett, the teen sentenced to 40 years for killing his sister, was up for parole in 2014.<br><br><br>
The Abilene teenager convicted of sexually assaulting and killing his four-year-old sister will spend the next 40 years behind bars, but anyone looking at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's inmate information about Paris Bennett Monday morning would have thought otherwise.

That's because Bennett's sentence on the capital murder charge was listed as just 15 years, with a parole hearing set for 2014.

It's a mistake the TDCJ said happened because of incorrect paperwork sent over from the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

Bennett's mother said Monday morning she was furious like this could be made -- and afraid it could have become a reality. She also said she had hoped to have a break from dealing with the justice system after speaking at Bennett's hearing last week.

A judge decided then that Bennett would be transferred into the Texas prison system to serve out his sentence.

A TDCJ spokesman said Monday he would not speculate on whether Bennett could have potentially been released or eligible for parole in two years if the error had not been caught.

After the mistake was researched by the TDCJ records department, Bennett's correct information is now listed online.

The 18-year-old will be up for parole in 2027 and is scheduled to be released in 2047, when he is 53 years old.

He was convicted of capital murder for sexually assaulting and stabbing his four-year-old sister to death in 2007.
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