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Tenants Forced to Pay More or Move Out Under New Management

A group of tenants at the Park Village Apartments in Snyder were given just a week notice to sign a new lease and pay more in rent or leave.
Some have lived at the Park Village Apartments in Snyder for years, others for just a few months and now many of them may have to leave.

They received a notice informing them that the complex has been purchased by a new company and they'll have to sign a new lease.

Many say they've been told their rent will go up as much as $125 a month and many don't have that kind of money.

They've been given until July 1 to sign the new lease, not giving them much time to find an alternative.

Some of the tenants say they believe the owners are renovating the apartments in anticipation of the many who will be moving to Snyder because of the Cline Shale Oil Boom. 

They think they believe those people will be willing to pay much more in rent. 
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