Thanksgiving Feast Back On?

Thanksgiving Feast Back On?

After the Thanksgiving story aired on Thursday night, the Abilene Veterans Service Office has received several phone calls from disappointed locals. And now, one Abilene woman is stepping up to organize the dinner herself, despite the ticking clock financial pressures.<br>
Walking into work Friday morning, Connie Rose had more on her mind than just her daily to-do list. She was troubled by something she heard the night before.

"In watching the news last night it came to my attention that the annual dinner hosted by the Veterans Services here in Abilene was cancelled. I found that very disturbing", says Connie Rose, Abilene resident.

Knowing that thousands of needy locals could miss out on their traditional Thanksgiving dinner at the Civic Center, Rose took matters into her own hands.

"I put out an email to all realtors in Abilene that we need to earn money and volunteers to make sure this event happens", Rose tells us.

Though Mr. DeFoor at the Veterans Service Office recently announced the annual feast was cancelled, that wasn't enough to stop Rose from trying.

"It was almost heartbreaking for me to have to cancel it, but the donations and the volunteers weren't coming in. But now that this has happened, it's typical Abilene, it's just overwhelming", DeFoor explains.

Rose got busy contacting everyone she knows to start raising funds.

"When Connie came to me and said this event may not take place unless we step in, step up, and take part, I said absolutely, lets go for it!", says Julie Hagin of Keller Williams Realty.

Though nothing is solidified yet, Mr. DeFoor and Rose are confident that if they can raise enough funds and Abilene is willing to volunteer, then dinner will be served.

Connie Rose knows she has her work cut out for her, as she has just over two weeks to raise $15,000 and round up hundreds of committed volunteers in order to make this dinner happen.

If you are interested in donating money or time for the Veterans Services Thanksgiving feast, please call Connie Rose personally at 325-627-6556 or drop by the Keller Williams Realty office at 3140 South 27th Street in Abilene.

Update: There is now an account set up for donations at First Financial Bank under the name "Taylor County Veteran Services".

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