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The Blanket ISD Bond Fails By A Landslide

Blanket Independent School District's proposed bond which would help remodel and update the school building, failed.
Election night shows if the community is really being heard and what they stand for, and one proposition in Blanket seemed to have a majority opinion from the community. Blanket ISD was hoping to pass a bond proposition of 3.7 million dollars. This money was going to be used to demolish an old school building and put up a new gym, science lab and classrooms, a distance learning center, concessions, and restrooms. However the bond failed miserably at the polls. About 80% of the community voted against it with only 59 votes approving it.

The main reason because people's taxes would increase. So an average home income of $50,000 would pay $151 a year. The Superintendent at Blanket ISD was hoping it would pass to benefit future students. Another reason why people didn't want to pass the bond is because they believe that the students don't need an other gym, but right students are exercising in the hallway. The gym is still under construction from the tornado, but even when it's complete the gym can't fit all eight teams the school has.

The board will try again in the future to pass the bond. The superintendent believes that it was bad timing to pass the bond. He believes that with the affordable care act families are having more bills and the last thing they would want are higher taxes,  but the state was going to pay 57% of the bond while 43% would be local funds.
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