The Flu Shot: More Than Just a Little Sting?

The Flu Shot: More Than Just a Little Sting?

Along with all the holiday events this time of year, often comes an uninvited guest...the flu! And while influenza vaccines are more readily available than ever before, some still decide to shy away from the needle, because of the side-effects.<br><br>
It's only going to sting for a second. This time of year, these words are often followed up by a flu vaccination. And doctors are pleased to say they've been uttering those words more than ever.

"You're looking at a disease--influenza. That still kills people!", says Kay Durilla of the Abilene Taylor County Public Health District.

Doctors say the shot is a great way to prevent the burden of the influenza virus, but some would rather steer clear of the needle in favor for old fashioned prevention. People, like mother of two, Alyssa Rose.

"My husband was recently diagnosed with a rare disease called Giambra, and come to find out, it was just caused by a vaccination he had to have for our college. It's been pretty difficult. He's been falling everyday and it causes paralysis", Rose explains.

Though it wasn't a flu shot that injected Rose's world with heart ache, rather a meningitis vaccine, Rose says she would take a fever and a cough any day over what her family has suffered through.

"It's pretty rare that you get a disease like this, we just happen to be some of those people. But if you can do without and think you can tough it out, I would, just to be safe", Rose tells us.

But doctors say toughing it out just isn't enough for senior citizens and young children.

"It's helping you make antibodies to the antigens to protect your body. The shot doesn't kill people and doesn't give people bad side-effects", says Durilla.

So whether or not a doctors visit made your calendar of events between the Christmas parties, unfortunately the flu may show up as an uninvited guest. But through prevention, we can keep it from overstaying it's welcome.

The doctor also told KRBC News that the decision to get the shot, or not, is most important among children and folks over 65, who are more susceptible to the flu, due to their weaker immune system.

For more information on the pros and cons of the vaccine, click here.
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