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The Hideout Golf Course Steps Its Game Up

The Hideout Golf Club will soon be up to par as new improvements are almost finished. The new owners state they aren't trying to compete with the Brownwood County Club, and are renovating the property to become a resort.
Many people in Brownwood have been waiting for the improvements of the Hideout golf Club, and now they are definitely up to par. The Hideout golf club has new owners and renovations have begun. The first thing that was fixed was the cart path and sand traps on the first nine holes, and the up keep of the greens have improved greatly. However, the biggest project is the construction of the clubhouse. It is 12,00 square feet. It will include a bar/restaurant, locker rooms for members, a pool and hot tub, and hotel rooms. After the clubhouse is finished the course will become a resort. It will stay a semi private course, but the golf pro can already see a difference in attendance with just the few renovations done on the course. The membership from last February jumped from 25 to 131. Property along the lake and golf course are selling fast to start building homes. They hope to have the club house open by the new year. With the new additions at the club house they hope they can attract woman and children to come out. The golf club has ready booked three weddings for the spring.
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