The Latest on Swimming Pool Sicknesses

The Latest on Swimming Pool Sicknesses

KTAB reported last night that 21 children were taken to the hospital after swimming at the Rose Park pool. We spoke with a concerned parent today who told us it was a scary situation when her son with respiratory problems had to be rushed to the hospital. <br><br><br><br><br>
It's not a call any parent wants to receive.

"They reached my mom and she came over and told us they had already taken the kids to the hospital in the ambulance," said Sherrie Geis, mother of a hospitalized child.

Dallas was on his very first field trip to the pool with the Boys and Girls Club."There was some wheezing, coughing, scratchy throat. He has reactive airway disease and asthma, which is why I was so concerned", Geis tells us.

Rose Park pool said this unfortunate event was an isolated incident, and chemical levels are right where they need to be.

"We've had everybody that could possibly test water, test this water. All have said that this pool is extremely safe," said Michael Talerico, Executive Director of the Red Bud YMCA.

Even after Dallas was released, Geis didn't stop there at trying to figure out why her son wasn't acting like himself.

"He just laid down on the floor and said, 'Mom, I'm tired.' and I said, 'What kind of tired?' And he said 'Not the normal kind of tired, mom. The tired that I just can't do it anymore.'  That's when we took him back to the hospital, because I wasn't taking any chances."

Fortunately, Dallas is finally feeling like himself again.

At this point, we are still unclear as to the true cause of all the sickness. The Rose Park swimming pool tells us they will continue testing the chemicals in the water.

The pool is officially back open.
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