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Three Years After the Disappearance of Hailey Dunn, Community Still Hopes for Answers

Hailey Dunn went missing December 27th 2010 and her hometown community of Colorado City is still hoping for closure.
Although it has been three years since Hailey Dunn left her home and was seen never alive again, the Colorado City community still longs for answers.

No arrests have been made at the time and many of the people that spent hours searching for Hailey want justice for her. Mitchell County Sheriff, Patrick Toombs, explained that when law enforcement got the report of a missing girl, he never thought they would be in this position, searching for answers, three years later.

While finding Hailey's remains in March of 2013 brought closure for some, many want to see the person responsible for her disappearance and death held accountable for their actions.
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