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Volunteers Bring Juveniles in Brownwood Cheer

Juveniles at the corrections facility in Brownwood aren't able to spend Christmas with family. So, volunteers and staff members plan a special party for the residents.
The holidays are a time when families come together. However, the juveniles at the Ron Jackson Correctional Complex will have to spend Christmas away from their families. To show these individuals that they are still cared for, the staff, along with volunteers, put on a Christmas party for the residents of the correctional facility. The party consists of homemade goods, Christmas carols and special time with mentors. These mentors are extremely important to the kids at the complex. Many of the children have fostered good relationships with these volunteers and having them around for the holidays makes them feel that someone truely cares about them. The Community Resource Council also puts together gift bags for all of the residents. All of the money to help fund the gift bags comes from community donations. The gift bags are handed out on Christmas Eve by Santa and his elves. The gift bags include shampoo, conditioner, perfume for the girls and gloves for the boys.
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