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Webcast: 100-Year-Old Home Damaged Following High Speed Chase

A Rising Star woman will be repairing damage to her 100 year old home after a high speed chased ends with the driver crashing inter her home.
A woman in Rising Star is working to repair the damage to her home after a high speed chase.

Reba Beggs was home when a driver slammed into her pickup truck, pushing the truck into her home.

The house is more than 100 years old.

The crash caused a lot of damage to the house and the truck.

The driver reportedly was trying to get away from law enforcement officers during a high-speed chase that covered about 30 miles, from the community of Early near Brownwood, north up to Rising Star.

The driver only had cuts and bruises. 

There's no word on why officers were chasing him, but witnesses say he might have been intoxicated.

He now faces several charges from traffic law violations to a possible felony for using a vehicle to try to avoid peace officers.

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