Webcast: Rain Chances Begin, Though Slight

Webcast: Rain Chances Begin, Though Slight

Parts of the Big Country may be in for a little rain beginning Thursday through Saturday, though the chances are slight.
The weather pattern I've been talking about since late last week is still on schedule and showers are still in your forecast Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

A large upper level low is spinning in Mexico, sending moisture straight in our direction from the Gulf of Mexico. 

The moisture, disturbances rotating around the low and afternoon heating will help to kick off some showers each afternoon Thursday through Saturday. 

While the southern viewing area has the best chance of showers, the rest of the area is now included more so than earlier this week. 

Still, only going with a 20 percent coverage area, but where the showers happen, you'll certainly get a brief downpour as the movement of the showers will be slow. 

Temperatures in the low to middle 90s through the weekend and middle 90s for early next week look in order, with overnight lows 70 to 73 for the next seven days.

For more headlines and weather, watch the embedded webcast. 
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