Windmill Animal Hospital: Holiday Pet Safety Concerns

Windmill Animal Hospital: Holiday Pet Safety Concerns

What you can do to keep your pets safe during the holidays!
        The Windmill Animal Hospital stopped by today to talk to us about some of the concerns they had for animals during this busy holiday season and they had some great tips for us!

1)   Keep candy out of reach of your pets!

        We love all the candy and chocolates we get over the holidays; this same candy can be deadly to dogs and cats. Chocolate can't be fully metabolized by our pets; the intermediate metabolites build up in their system, causing seizures, tremors, liver failure and death.
        Non-chocolate candies can be a problem, also. For one thing, dogs and cats don't "unwrap" the candy they steal from us; those candy wrappers and containers can cause intestinal irritation to our pets. Hard candies, if swallowed whole, can cause intestinal obstructions.

2)   The holidays are a time when many pets accidentally get out the front door!

        In busy households, the front door may be opened for arriving and departing friends and relatives 10 or 12 times during an evening. Each time the door opens, it's an opporutnity for our family pets to sneak out of the house, putting them at risk of being hit by a car, attacked by other animals and other life-threatening situations. On the days when you're expecting lots of socializing, put your pets in a back bedroom (preferably in their crates) with some music playing and keep them safe!

3)   Cold weather has arrived!

        Don't forget outdoor pets during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Outdoor pets need a warm sheltered place out of the wind. check the dog house--if it opens to the north, your dog won't be able to stay warm in it. If you have more than 1 dog using the dog house, can  they both go in at the same time or will one dog "guard" the dog house forcing the other dog out in the cold? Nights dipping below 40 degrees mean outdoor pets need to come in; a pallet of old blankets and towels in a sheltered corner of the garage or the utility room works wonders for a pet's comfort. Keep in mind older dogs will get very stiff and sore during the cold weather--keep them warm and comfortable inside!
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