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Window Shattering Vandals Strike Again

More Abilene windows have been busted out with a BB gun.
There' been another round of broken windows tonight. We told you yesterday that at least two businesses and several vehicles had windows shattered from what police think is a BB gun.

Tonight some vandals struck again. This time in the 400 block of palm street. The call came out just after dark at about 6:30. Four cars were hit and a couple of them had windows shattered. Car doors were hit where the projectile missed it's mark. A witness says it was too dark to see much.

More businesses were targeted including Firehouse Fitness on South 7th, an Arron's location and Papa John's on North 1st street. The glass door at Papa John's was replaced almost immediately. That call came out at about eight o'clock. People report hearing the shots but no one saw where it came from.

We will continue to update this story as more information is obtained.
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