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Wintry Weather Brings Excitement for Buffalo Gap Elementary Students

Jim Ned C.I.S.D. called for an early dismissal this morning. Buffalo Gap Elementary students did not seem to mind.
Due to inclement weather, Jim Ned C.I.S.D. decided on an early dismissal. The students were released at 10:30 a.m. Friday morning. Buffalo Gap Elementary School Students did not seem to mind.

The front office of Buffalo Gap Elementary was nothing short of chaotic Friday morning, however, the hustle and bustle was much welcomed by the students and faculty.

Since Jim Ned C.I.S.D covers such a large area, much of which is traveled by windy roads, the district decided to give the parents a chance to pick up their children and get home before the weather got worse.

The students still had big days planned, even though they would not be at school. Many of them were excited about playing in the "snow", but some were excited to stay inside and watch movies.

For those hoping to build snowmen, the forecast seems to be in their favor.
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