Woman Auctions Off Rare Picture of John F. Kennedy

Woman Auctions Off Rare Picture of John F. Kennedy

One woman is auctioning off a photo of John F. Kennedy taken just minutes before his assassination.
This week marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Now one Oklahoma woman has chosen to share a never before published picture taken just minutes before Kennedy's death.

Nancy Macia was 9 and living in a Dallas suburb when President Kennedy was shot in 1963. Her father was actually at the parade at the time of the shooting, and even snapped a photograph of the president before he was shot. Macia says the picture has never been seen before.

The photograph, taken with a brownie camera, was taken not even 10 minutes before the president was shot. Paul Zagorski, a Professor of Political Science at Pittsburg State University says even fifty years later the effects of the assassination of President Kennedy still remain. "A lot of people have dated the 1960's from the moment of the assassination rather from the actual beginning of the decade because it really changed the tone of politics," says Zagorski. 

For Macia however, the photograph doesn't sum up our nation's history so much as her family history. Macia's father died in 1999 of cancer, and with the 50th anniversary of the assassination taking place this week, she's decided to auction the photograph off and a portion of the proceeds will go toward a 4-state family dealing with cancer, all in memory of her dad.

Macia says she's had a lot of interest in the picture over the years from various museums and collectors, even the 6th Floor Plaza Museum in Dallas. The photograph will be auctioned off by Carl Junction Auctions on December 17th.
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