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TXJim Sept 8 2010
        "My family and I went there ordered a pizza and a burger and were extremely pleased with both. They do that extra bit that makes the meal great. Garlic-butter on the crust and toasted buns on the cheeseburger. The lady even asked my 6 year old boy how much change he was owed after he bought an ice cream. She then waited patiently as he fumbled through the math and she congratulated him when he was through. I'd say the service was just fine. "

Kelly M July 3 2010
        "I was standing in line to order my lunch, when I noticed a poster advertising the "World's Best Burger". This certainly got my attention. The burger was called a "Criollo" Burger. Grass Fed, Lean - hmmm. Lets try it!. OMG! Absolutely delicious! Very rich in flavor, yet not greasy at all! Curious about the "Criollo Beef", I asked some questions. Turns out this beef is raised right here in Big Country - all natural, grass fed "Criollo" beef. They have a website to learn more. I am going to try some for home! www.LeanAndTenderBeef.com "