Alternative Baseball looks to expand to Big Country


CEO of Alternative Baseball Taylor Duncan said, “As I got older through the years, as they went by, I still faced a lot of social stigma from other peers and I was often denied opportunities to play tradition baseball from coaches and different people who just had these negative perceptions of what one with autism can only accomplish.”

24-year old Taylor Duncan was diagnosed with autism in his early childhood. Fast forward to January of 2016, the Atlanta, Georgia native with a passion for baseball decided to found Alternative Baseball: A baseball league with a goal to power through perceptions, promote awareness for all disabilites, and emphasize the importance of inclusion.

Duncan said, “After ESPN came around, after the Today Show came around, that’s when we had a bunch of people calling us and wanting us to start Alternative Baseball in their areas because those services are just not there after age 18.”

Now, Duncan is looking to expand Alternative Baseball to Abilene.

Duncan said, “We’re looking for those coaches and managers to help us get it going in Abilene and Sweetwater. We can’t move forward until we find those coach/managers and of course we need to find those players in those areas that are very hard to reach.”

Alternative Baseball has 55 programs in 24 states. They play tradition baseball rules with wooden bats and with a unique baseball.

Duncan said, “It’s slightly larger and much softer than a regulation sized baseball to be able to accomodate those of all different skill levels and experiences.”

The goal is to have teams of 12 players ages 15 and older.

Duncan said, “We accept everyone for who they are, encourage them to be the best they can be, and instill confidence needed to fulfill dreams in life off and on the baseball diamond of course.”

Kerrville and Victoria already have programs in the state.

Duncan said, “Abilene-Sweetwater area of Texas, we want to come for you next.”

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