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Big Hearts: Clyde students step up to help Hendrick Home for Children

CLYDE, Texas (KTAB) - It's the dilemma we almost all can relate to, putting a pair of socks into the washer or dryer and only coming out with one. 

“They go to the sock heaven. We constantly need socks,” says Barbara Dahl, Vice President of Community Relations at Hendrick Home for Children. 

That’s why when two young students at the Clyde Intermediate School called the Hendrick Home for Children wanting to help, it was easy to say what was needed.

Dahl adds, “It was a young child wanting to be philanthropic and give to other children and so that touched my heart.”

Fourth graders McKenna Joeris and Belinda Sanchez came up with the idea for a sock drive on campus after seeing the success of a fifth-grade fundraiser.

“We wanted to give them some socks because they were running out and there were kids that didn't have any socks to wear,” Joeris says.

“We went on the announcements to tell them. We had boxes in the front and kids would come and drop them in the boxes,” says Sanchez. 

The campus stepped up to the challenge and donated more than 1,000 socks.

“It felt great because I never thought I could do that in my life,” Sanchez says.

"It felt great,” Joeris adds. 

Children helping other children. 

“Like we found when they brought the socks in, they said we could get some. I thought that was really generous of the people who donated them. I thought that was really kind of them,” says Bit Young, a student at Bonham Elementary School. 

Elisa Ingabre, another Bonham Elementary student adds, “I thought it was pretty cool and nice of them."

Hendrick Home says they 

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