Last-minute shoppers share their Thanksgiving plans


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)-As folks prepare their turkeys, we took a trip to find out what everyone is excited for this Thanksgiving holiday.

We took a trip to United Supermarkets on South 14th to hear from folks throughout Abilene. We spoke with Evelyn and her daughter Jan.

“We just all like to get together and visit and eat and watch some TV, watch some movies, maybe watch “White  Christmas” just [do something] very traditional,” said Jan. “Were a very traditional sort of bunch.”

“Just getting together is so wonderful,” said Evelyn.

Justin Mendoza, however, has a few complaints.

“Most people just want to be left alone and make their own meals,” said Justin. “They don’t want to see these people. That’s why they always fight at the dinner table. I’ve never made mashed potatoes in my life, and I got pinned on making mashed potatoes.”

Justin and his wife Justina married at the Taylor County Courthouse only Tuesday. This will be their first official Thanksgiving as a married couple.

“Not everyone gets along with their family,” said Justina. “We get along with our family.”

“Yeah, we do,” Justin said. “We just don’t talk to them all the time, so there’s a lot of pent up emotion. Like, ‘You know what. I got a lot of grievances with you people, and I’m about to let it all hang out right now.”

“He’s just being dramatic,” said Justina.

Despite Justin’s grievances, he is a wonderful cook. He is preparing the Thanksgiving turkey this year.

Justin, Justina and their son Kacper will visit with Justina’s parents in Merkel. Justina’s dad immigrated from Poland, and he especially loves this traditional American holiday.

“It’s a non-religious opporunity to get the family together and be thankful,” Justina said. “So, yeah, we’ve always celebrated.”

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