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Redefining the Business Card and What Lies Beyond Tradition

BizGift Elevate your Business Cards,

BizGift - Elevate your Business Cards,

BizGift Business Card on the Front Your Gift on the Back

BizGift Business Card on the Front Your Gift on the Back

BizGift Design - Use the easy Template or Upload your own Design

BizGift Design - Use the easy Template or Upload your own Design

Because business cards have been around forever, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. But it's time business cards got an upgrade.

Business cards of the future won't just share contact details; they'll build bridges, evoke emotions, and empower choices. At BizGift, we're providing that future today.”
— Timothy Leeds
NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Business cards still matter. Back in the day, business cards were like gold. People swapped them at meetings, conferences, and even random coffee shop encounters. Their charm isn't just about tradition; it’s about the convenience of giving someone details in a pocket-sized card.

Because business cards have been around forever, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. No matter how the market changes, business cards always find a way to survive. Statistics show that more than 10 billion business cards are printed each year. Business cards communicate look, feel, and contact information. But with the world getting more digital by the second, it's time business cards got an upgrade.

Business Cards can be simple or make a statement with high-quality paper or plastic cards. There is a significant difference between the feel and perception between a simple paper card and a higher quality card like a plastic one. Plastic business cards not only feel more modern but also last way longer. They won’t get lost in the shuffle or end up crumpled in the bottom of a bag. And with a shiny, glossy finish, they will get more attention. For many jobs that involve a lot of networking, popping a photo on a business card can make it even more memorable.

Nowadays, a great design or high-quality card material shouldn’t require much. While some people shell out hundreds for a custom design, crafting an awesome card without the hefty price tag is possible.

With many interactions happening online, connecting a business card with a digital profile, social links, and website is a must. It allows the business card to become more than just a physical card—it's a snapshot into the online world, bridging offline and online together.

Getting a digital profile may require setting up several different apps or resources, such as another site, and additional costs and fees to manage the digital profile. However, BizGift provides a Free Profile to link all online presence together in one location. It can be shared on social sites, websites, and in emails. It also includes access to Insights, which reports how many views the digital profile gets. And the best part is it’s Free - no annual or monthly costs, subscriptions, or fees!

Let’s go way beyond a high-quality business card, though. Business cards can offer more than contact information. They can become a memorable token of appreciation. This is where BizGift cards are different.

First, consider the uniqueness of paying it forward by adding a gift associated with a business card. Adding a Gift Card value to a BizGift card will elevate and improve networking strategy from a mere exchange of details to a token of gratitude. With BizGift, there is no mindless spending because one only pays for the gift cards that are actually activated by relationships acquired. This ensures the gesture feels genuine and tailored to the recipient when they Activate.

Next, there's the gift of choice. Recipients aren’t stuck with a specific Gift Card to a place they might never visit. Instead, they get the freedom to pick a Gift Card Brand they love from a diverse Marketplace: https://my.bizgift.com/marketplace of options. This flexibility makes the gift even more personal and appreciated!

Lastly, and perhaps most crucially for the network-savvy individual, when someone Activates their BizGift card, they instantly receive their contact information. Think of it as a digital handshake, paving the way for future communication. Furthermore, they’re introduced to the digital profile. This isn't just a simple list of contact details—it's a comprehensive online view professionally, providing the benefit of an interactive digital business card.

A BizGift card goes way beyond the traditional business card by providing a physical business card with a digital business card profile and relationship management tools. It ensures you stand out in the crowd, fosters connections, and seamlessly blends the traditional with today's modern digital world. Using BizGift is not just handing out a business card; it offers value and choice and fosters stronger connections.

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BizGift - How to use the Design Template

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