Retire Wise Founder, Set to Launch Comprehensive Retirement Planning Book

Shawn Maloney, is releasing "The Priority of Retirement," a comprehensive guide to retirement planning, covering non-financial and financial aspects, along with phases and funding strategies.

Loganville, GA, Nov. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shawn Maloney, the visionary founder of Retire Wise, is making waves with the imminent launch of his new book, “The Priority of Retirement.” This comprehensive guide is set to transform every individual’s approach for retirement with a unique perspective on the various facets of this life-altering phase.

The first half of the book provides an in-depth look at the “non-financial” and “financial” aspects of retirement. It makes readers ask themselves, “what do I want out of my retirement?”, “what is my purpose?”, and “what lifestyle do I want?”. The book provides insights into budgeting, debt management, and financial principles for a successful retirement plan. Shawn divides retirement into three stages: go-go, slow-go, and no-go, each defined and funded by a plan. The book talks about different stages of retirement, from the go-go stage, where you're active and full-time working, to the slower-go stage, when you're slowing down because you're tired. The no-go stage is when you're dealing with age issues and medical care costs, so it's important to take steps to reduce the biggest risks before you retire.

Shawn has also used Bible-based ideas in the book like the ‘treasure target’ and the ‘four H’s of financial freedom’ to create a plan for retirement. These stages outline a three-stage funding plan, including investing in short, medium, and long-term terms, to balance inflation and ensure sufficient funds for retirement. Biblical principles are incorporated into the process to help us be good stewards of what God has provisioned us with.

Shawn emphasizes the importance of having sound personal financial 101 principles and shares this throughout his book. His goal with "Priorities of Retirement" and his personal coaching programs is to revolutionize the traditional retirement planning experience by educating people on the three stages of funding and encouraging generosity, empowering them to reach their retirement goals and live happy and secure lives.

The book, set to launch in mid-2023 on Amazon in paperback, hardback, and audio formats, will be accompanied by a podcast series. The goal of this multimedia approach is to give you a step-by-step guide to help individuals make financial decisions that will give peace of mind during the retirement period.

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