Immunizations. Of course it’s just one more thing to add to your back to school to do list.

And because so many parents are rushing to get their kids into the doctor’s office, it’s best to schedule appointments sooner rather than later.

School is about to start. Is your child fully vaccinated? According to Dr. Tina Stefanski, certain vaccines depend on the child’s age.

“When children are entering school at different points of their lives, vaccinations are required and that’s to protect the child and our entire community from vaccine-preventable diseases,” Stefanki said.

Lafayette General Pediatrician Dr. Scott Hamilton says vaccines actually protect against more than 14 preventable diseases.
“Kids pass on deadly illnesses as well as just regular as well as just regular colds and flus. We vaccinate against deadly illnesses,” Hamilton said.
Here’s a schedule of the vaccinations you’ll need:
-Children entering daycare, preschool or kindergarten with get a wide variety of vaccines including vaccines for measles, mumps and polio.

-Kids entering middle school will need a meningitis vaccine.

-And young adults entering college or university will need certain vaccines as well.
Doctors also recommend the human papilloma virus or HPV vaccine for teens, although the state does not require it.
“It protects girls and boys against cancer and genital warts,” Stefanski said.”A vaccine that prevents cancer is really just incredibly important and it’s really a breakthrough.”
For those who worry about vaccinating their children, Stefanski said parents shouldn’t.
“Vaccines are incredibly safe, very well tested and also monitored,” she said. “All those theories about vaccines causing things like autism for example have been very well disproven.”
And before the kids head back to school, parents should make sure they make sure they get those immunization records.
“Your school will want record of that so you’ve got to have that, you’ve got to get it done from your doctor so you’ve got to go to your doctor,” Hamilton said.
For a full list of the immunizations your kids need and to find your local parish health unit.
Learn more about vaccinations on the state department of health’s site.