ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – There are many residents in the Key City who have a deep love for not only being an Abilenean – but also a Texan. Where do those people go for all their Texas pride needs? Texas Star Trading Company, of course!

One Abilene couple says its their love for state that’s kept them in business for 18 years at Texas Star. Carol and her husband, Glen Dromgoole were both born and raised in the Lone Star State. They told KTAB/KRBC they love the state so much that it’s just about all they can say.

Try to keep count of how many times this article uses the word ‘Texas!’

“Well, we love Texas,” said Carol. Her husband continued, “I’ve just, I’ve always lived in Texas – worked in Texas all my life.”

It was this deep pride for their state that led to Glen’s love for Texas Literature, and eventually, the Dromgooles decided to open a bookstore. 

“It’s hard for an independent bookstore these days to compete, and so we needed a niche,” Glen explained. “And our niche is Texas.”

Carol said all of their books are either about Texas or written by a Texas author. But now, this store has expanded to so much more than just books. 

“Now, we’re Texas books and gifts, and gourmet,” Glen said with pride.

The Dromgooles said they also work towards a focus on the Key City sometimes, as they sell some of the local gourmet food, or sell books from local authors. 

“We’re going to highlight local products when we can,” Carol boasted. 

Abileneans help support their business, but a lot of their business comes from the people who are passing through. Since there are a lot of visitors that come Downtown Abilene, Carol explained that they are looking for some souvenir-type gifts. This is also why Glen said they are in the perfect location, just off of Cypress Street in the middle of downtown. 

“I kind of knew the Texas book market, and Carol had been a sales rep for some gifts line, so we kind of put all of our interests together and started this book and gift store,” Glen said. 

They plan to continue showing off their Texas pride through this company.

How many ‘Texas’ did you count? If you guessed 15, you’re right!