ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Bear’s Bake Shop is a gem that is truly hidden, because you will not find it in a typical brick and mortar location. The owners make homemade goodies, and what better place to do that than from your own home?

The smell of your grandparent’s homemade baking is almost everyone’s favorite, and Melissa and Urban Rogers are kind of like grandparents for all of Abilene – baking for the community in a shop that is really just their home. 

“It’s been such a blessing, being able to work from home,” said Urban. 

Bear’s Bake Shop first opened nearly 35 years ago in Plano, but the owner moved to Abilene to retire.

“We went to school here,” Melissa explained. “This is where we met… We had that plan from early in marriage that we would retire in Abilene.”

The Rogers told KTAB/KRBC they wanted to find a job that could give them some extra cash, and they decided to do what they did before, but this time from home. 

“[Melissa] said, ‘Why don’t we try that? We can make cinnamon rolls,” Urban recalled. 

However, this shop has become so much more to them than just a source of income. 

“It really helps us right now to kind of stay busy and keep our minds occupied… In March of last year, there was a horrible wreck,” Melissa revealed, referring to a wreck that took the life of her son, Mark.

Urban continued, “It’s been really hard.” 

When Mark passed away, his parents said they desperately needed a distraction to help them grieve, which is what baking provided for them. 

“He was a special guy, and he loved our doing this. So now, we kind of do it for him,” Melissa said.

Now, the couple uses the passing of their son as motivation to do their best in everything. 

“He just did so much that we didn’t know, so the make your mark means make your mark in whatever you’re doing,” described Urban. 

The Rogers said they hope to help others through their baked goods, and at least fill their stomachs. Their orders run completely online, so if you would like to purchase any of their homemade goodies, you can click here.

Mark Rogers was a giant for the Abilene community. He was the Market President of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Senior Vice President of World’s Okayest Mom Inc., and a board member in United Way of Abilene and the Kiwana’s Club.