ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Many people think of the Abilene Drug Emporium as a pharmacy, grocery, or supplement store, but did you know that Drug Emporium is also heavily involved in the community?

This store is a little bit of everything, at least according to General Manager Travis Hill, but he said the focus inside the store is the health of others. 

“Basically, anything you need health wise or consumables, we have available in the store,” Hill bragged. 

This is why Drug Emporium has become a go-to for one customer, Elizabeth Bradshaw who moved to Abilene in March.

Abilene bodybuilder, Elizabeth Bradshaw, says she exclusively shops at Drug Emporium for its selection of supplements (Nov. 2022)

“They have a high selection of supplements that you cannot order anywhere else,” Bradshaw raved. “You can order them on Amazon, but then again you gotta wait… When I can just come locally here.”

As a bodybuilder, Bradshaw said she prioritizes health and fitness, and said this store helps with that by offering varieties of foods that are healthier at a good price. 

Outside of helping people in the store, Drug Emporium said it also helps the Key City when and where it can. 

“We try to always do a lot of community events to give back to the community,” Hill began to list. “So far, we have done our Trunk-or-Treat, that was our third annual Trunk-or-Treat. We’re doing the Toys-4-Tots car drive, that we’re hosting. On top of that, on the 16th, we’ll be doing the turkey give away where we are giving away 100 turkeys to the area.”

The store told KTAB/KRBC it will also be hosting a Christmas fair on Saturday, December 3, with vendors, a Santa Claus, and a Christmas set-up for local families. 

Hill said he likes to give back to the community whenever he can, and he has been able to do that along with pursuing his passion of maintaining his physical health through this store. 

Drug Emporium has even helped Bradshaw in personal ways other than offering her its healthy items. 

“I held a seminar at Firehouse Fitness, and they actually contributed a basket that I raffled off,” said Bradshaw.

At 33 years in business, Hill said the store has every intention of selling its healthier items and being involved in the community, just as it has since 1989.

Drug Emporium Abilene is located in the Brookhollow Shopping Center near Planet Fitness, at 2550 Barrow Street, and is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. most days.