ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – During times of inflation, a small-town antique store is expected to go through its highs and lows. But for one store in Bangs, it was an unexpected item in its inventory that’s kept the business going despite rising prices.

“I get loads and loads of chicken nest boxes, and I sell them,” said Cynthia Johnson, owner of Three Chicks Treasures.

Johnson says more people are buying chickens to help out on their grocery bills, so business is booming.

“If you get tired of eggs, you can always butcher the chicken,” Johnson advised.

These boxes are to protect chickens’ eggs and allow them to lay eggs more comfortably. Johnson bought just a few nest boxes at first, and quickly noticed how fast they were selling. This year alone, she’s sold five loads – equaling to more than 500 boxes.

They’re so coveted, Johnson said she’s had to chain up the nests to keep them from being stolen.

“I have them out front, so they know they’re there,” said Johnson. “They stop and see them.”

The boom has worked out for rather well for Johnson, telling KRBC she’s not ready to give up working just yet. Her husband, Timmy, said Three Chicks Treasures has been good for her while he is working, even though Cynthia said her husband often encourages her to retire and rest. 

“She enjoys it, and she’s not ready to retire yet,” said Timmy.

The store even has regular clientele which comes from out of town, according to Timmy.

Johnson said she uses this wide customer base as more than a way to make money, but as an opportunity to connect further than the Bangs community.

“I felt like that’s why God wanted me to open this, and why I have been successful here,” said Johnson. “Because He has blessed that.”

Three Chicks Treasures is located off highway 67 – 84 in Bangs, and Cynthia said she will continue to order more nest boxes as there is demand.